Haras de Maison Blanche is a passionate team !

Meet, exchange, around Alexia, professional rider and internationally recognized competitor, every member of our team welcomes you every day of the year to live with you, your passion, and share it.


Director and Instructor

Professional rider at Haras, Alexia Deveautour, director of the center, passionate foremost, born in 1980, was responsible for an equestrian center Gouvernes (77) before taking the leadership in 2013 Stud White House.

His mounts: Focus de Laubry, Féérique du Tilleul et Montreal Trefle.



For over a year, she honed her specialty is training alongside adults who appreciate her work, her skills, her patience and kindness.



She just strengthen our team of instructors, she allied powers to his passion of riding and offer you for a job well done.

José Luis



The Man of the equestrian center, loved by all, essential to Stud, he is the "master piece" of any stewardship and well-being of our animals and therefore yours ...



Veronique, one of the pioneers of the center, an instructor that combines skill and education, will have to heart to share with you her passion.


Apprenty careful


Our favorite apprentice careful! Straw fed to animals, output paddocks, perfect keeping box, Eline work there for 2 years, and she does it well !




Our newcomer at Haras, Angelique takes care of the animals as their "home" and is committed to give them everything they need including tenderness and affection ...


Apprenty careful


It will strengthen our team of careful !
Duplicate with Eline, it provides all the well-being of animals with a smile and attention !


The Mascotte !


Ishka, the youngest of the "Maison Blanche", already titled: Mascot of The Haras!

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