Facilities to horses dream ...

"Le Haras de Maison Blanche" equestrian center allows you to evolve in good condition with our facilities: two careers, one of dressage, two rides, two lungings , paddocks, woodland paths with obstacles to cross, and a beautiful park of 18 hectares which will decorate your walks ... with direct access to the forest of "Notre Dame" !

The carousel of ponies 


For the pleasure of smaller, the ride of 15 m x 30 m was planned and designed for children. Everyone taking a course at the pace that suits them.

The place is ideally located in the equestrian center and very close to the box which houses of the ponies, which allows easy and unrestrictive access for children.

A career outside is attached and allows activities jumps ...

Grand carousel


With a total area of ​​22 m x 52 m, a carousel of a fully functional structure.

It offers all of the best opportunities for riding lessons.

A sandy soil allows the practice of riding in ideal conditions for the animal and its rider conditions. It has a daily maintenance, whatever the season.

His greatness can:
- To chain an obstacle course
- Of the dressage work
- And all kinds of activities (Equifun) ...


Carrer of dressage


Covering an area of ​​60 mx 20 m, perfectly designed for dressage work.

Consisting of fine white sand, it is watered regularly for the animal and its rider are in optimal for training conditions.


The career of jumping


Covering an area of ​​90 m x 35 m, redone in fine sand (Fontainebleau sand), this career offers an obstacle course permanently.

It is watered regularly and informed.


The lungings


Outside, 2 lungings can work your horse runs or freedom.



The Cross and bridleways


The cross is a discipline that combines performance and requirement.

In nature, it combines endurance and jumping through bridleways and in the forest, where you have to cross natural barriers.

More than a year, a test foryou but also for your mount.


The Box


Facilities fully explored in any season.

The boxes are spacious. The horses are housed in pens of different sizes ranging from 3.5 m x 3 m,
4 m x 4 m.

They offer comfort and access that combines riding pleasure and well-being of the animal.

All equipment is provided for the preparation of the animal and put it in the right conditions : different showers, multiple tack rooms, infrared lamp, ...

The Paddocks


Different paddocks of all sizes are available to owners.

They are located throughout the park, close to the box for some, and in the forest for others.

They are spaces of rest and relaxation appreciated by your frames : to them the "freedom" !


Club House


Besides the good atmosphere that reigns there, you will find the office of teachers, access to wireless internet, coffee machines and cold drinks, vending machines of various consumer products.

It provides an overview of the Grand Carousel !

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